Handmade Birdfeeders: Beautify Your Home and Upcycle Your Coconut!

Its important to think about how you can use all parts of the food we eat when there is a chance we could do so. Coconuts have so many uses – moisterizer, food, milk, and the shells can even be upcycled to become bird feeders.

This is a great way to start the winter season and take care of our feathered friends in the cold months ahead.

Materials needed:

Coconut shell
Drill (like a Dremel)
Floral Wire
Ribbon (optional)


After cutting a coconut in half and removing the meat from the shell, you will have two halves.

Drill three holes around the coconut at least a half an inch below the edge. See photo below:


Cut 3 floral wire about 20 inches long, thread one end through a hole and tie. Repeat on the remaining holes.  (Note: you can do this with the ribbon instead, but the wire is sturdier).

Gather all three ends of the wire and tie a knot to secure. You can hang your feeder up just like that on a tree or hook or use another length of ribbon or wire to use as the piece to hang the feeder from.
I use wire because it lasts longer than ribbon and the feeder swings less in the wind but ribbons make it festive. You can consider wrapping the wire in ribbon to make it more festive as well! 

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