Holiday Bacon!

Bacon and white chocolate are perfect together! Here is my holiday inspired bacon and chocolate recipe:


3 slices of bacon will make 6 snacks
1 jalapeño pepper
white chocolate nips
microwave safe bowl
parchment paper or plate
Cook bacon according to package directions.  Or cook bacon as you like it. Bacon cooked in a microwave stays kinda flat so I like to make mine on top of the stove in a frying pan. It has more ripples.
Before bacon cools cut each piece in half at an angle with a knife or scissors.
Thinly slice slivers of jalapeño pepper.
To melt the chocolate:  Place less than a handful of white chocolate pieces in a pyrex or microwave safe bowl.
Melt at half power for 60 seconds, check it and stir, if not melted cook another 15 seconds.  That should do it.  Stir until smooth.
Using a knife or spatula, place a small amount of chocolate on a bacon slice and nestle a sliver of jalapeño on top.
As the chocolate cools it will hold the pepper in place.
Put bacon slices on parchment paper or a plate so the chocolate hardens.
Vary the amount of chocolate and peppers.  Sprinkle some with red pepper flakes for more heat.


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