The Healing Power of Cooking

When I started this blog, cooking was my hobby and my happy place. Creating new recipes and sharing them with all of you was my greatest pride and pleasure. I have not been able to update this blog and share my food with you in the past months as personal matters have required all of my attention and energy.

This year I have been reminded of the truly cyclical nature of life. In March, my father passed away. Shortly after, my daughter announced that she was expecting her first child.  While there was sadness with the passing of my father, there was intense happiness just a few weeks ago as we welcomed my first grandchild – Milena Lucille.

With this exciting event, cooking has once again returned to the forefront of my life. To help my daughter as she navigates the first few weeks of parenthood, I have been cooking food for her to eat during the week. Food has returned to the center of family time as I make sure she has food to heal and nourish both her and the baby.


                 Making potato leek soup for my daughter.

This has been inspiring to me and I feel ready to get back in the kitchen for all of you as well! As I made lunches and dinners to help my daughter recover from child birth, I felt a return of the good kitchen vibes for myself for creating healthy recipes. I am excited to share that Mama G Cooks with once again have new recipes and new tips to share with you – just in time for the holidays! Thank you for all your support through the ups and downs of this year. I hope you will enjoy what will come!


Doing some recipe research over the summer – VERY excited to start putting it to use!


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